GraceFul Care

 Want to let the other caregivers know what you need?  How about what you do when your not caregiving?  Do you want to promote a business or hobby?  Are you looking for a new pet, or furniture?  Call the office if you would like to be put on the Caregivers Corner.

 Did you know that you get a special discount for plumbing just for being a GraceFul Care employee????


 A Nice Incentive for Caregivers to set up a bank account at BB&T

BB&T is offering you guys 25.00 to open an account over by the office.  

Also, Remember you can always give us a voided check to start direct deposit.  It saves you from the hassle of waiting for it in the mail or picking it up.

 Did you know that you get 2 free tickets to Leesburg's Ghost Tour..?

 Did you know that we have a Caregiver who is a clown for childrens parties....

Call the office for more info

 Caregiver search:  Shelves, dresser anything that is 3 feet high and 2 feet across for bathroom things for children.  Please call the office if you have something you would like to get rid of or sell.

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