Keeler's World.....Where YOU are already family !!!

Hi.....!!  and Welcome to my world... smiles.  Whether you call me Keeler, Mama Keeler, or Memom, this is your site into my world.  A site where you are already part of our family.  A site where you can meet people that you can trust, help each other when things are good or bad, and a place where you can seek out answers from others.

You will be able to see how the family grows, and see all the talent that we have within our village. Maybe your looking for someone to help you with your computer, We have someone in the village that can do that.  Maybe you need someone to sit with your dog, or you want someone to go into DC with you.  You now have family to call upon. 

The only rules are you must be loving, honorable, and nice at all times.  

Check out Keeler's World.......I love my reality.........

Dogs of the Hunt

Still under construction