Keeler's World

Poem for a Painter

June 20, 2014
Hey Mom, My world is not so rosy colored anymore,
I no longer see the Hue of that unobtainable flower,
Blues mean nothing to me, for I have never wanted to fly nor be lost at sea.
and Green has been twisted to mean too many things.

I've become to logical, mom, to see black or white.
Black is an over abundance of another color,
and white is only a soul sucking light.

So see mom, without my rosy view,
my colors, my life has become askew.
Yellow is not my sunshine or my fruitful sign
no rays of muse can reach my eyes.

Oh Mom, how can it be, painting my reality seems blah and grey to me,
No colors coming to portray--
for my world was more beautiful behind my rosy haze.


Batman Shootings ~ Why I push love

July 20, 2012
The hug.  When I saw this picture of the people hugging as they came out of the horror they had experienced, I was just posting my prayer on facebook. I wonder about all the kids that I have had through my house who were so angry at their world and how many times I had to explain to them to "be loving".  We all felt the sadness when we heard of the news today.  Thoughts about our own families and we were glad that we weren't there.  But we are.  We are right in the middle of what is going on ...
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Unconditional Love does not equal Unconditional Trust

March 3, 2012

                             I AM SO CONFUSED..........

How can you even trust a sign these days.  I have heard over and over on how I can't trust anything I see or hear, believe in or studied, and I really really can't trust anybody.  Not just a certain type of somebody but anybody

Unconditional Love does not equal Unconditional Trust, as those around me think I think. 
I have come across a few situations this week that brought that t...
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Happy LOVE Day

February 14, 2012

I get kisses gently in the mornings before he leaves me for work, and a date night at least 3 times a month.
He tells me I can do anything, except bring home more children.
He fights for my honor, when I let others keep hurting me, and thinks that I am the hero.
     AND sometimes....when I am looking his way, I catch him looking at me like I am the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, when I can't even believe he wants to be with ME.
I prayed, wished, and casted spells to be so loved, and ...

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How much is too much LOVE

February 13, 2012
    Others find my natural love of everyone I know  or know of, as a martyring character flaw. Feeling/wanting to help everyone I seen. But I got all poofy when they wouldn't listen to me, or when they would abuse my love.  I started to see things from the point of view the others were trying to show me and started to harden. I found that my gift of empathy was weak ....if there at all felt like I had started to judge those who would not help themselves

For those of you who know me, I even got...
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Family Village

February 13, 2012
Sometimes Family is someone who raised you, and Sometime Family is someone who has taught you something that made you grow. 

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I used to just say it.....Now I guess I "blog" it?

February 13, 2012
   I used to just say what what I thought or write them among millions of pages of thousands of spiral notebooks.  Now I guess the rule of thumb is to blog it.  OK, I wonder what amazing words I will leave for others to read.  Hmmmmm.....Does anyone ever listen to me anyway?  Well, hold on.  I guess they do.  Not sure why, other than the fact that I have literally lived the life of many bad Lifetime shows.  So maybe I can leave my thoughts behind, and maybe I will leave something else behind....
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I am the average human

I was born to a world that from the very beginning I felt like I had a calling. As all of us do. From the beginning when I heard the story of how I got my name from a homeless man till the end when I found that I carry in me a true love and empathy for everyone. I have been homeless, raped, sexual abused by family friends and family members, stolen from, lied to and had my heart broken. I have been told I was going to die, and had the wonderful experience of bring two lives into this world. I have been single, married and divorced. I have been hungry, in pain, and scared to death. I have followed a hundred religions, followed politics, and have believed in both legends and science...... I have also been loved, cherished, and given forgiveness... ...I am the average human. AND I AM LUCKIER THAN MOST !!!