5 Bucks 5 Things

  Please Help Me ...Help Them

 Donation Information is at the bottom of the page. Again......Thank you for Caring!!!!!

 Five Bucks Five Things was an idea that came to me when I was outside the Walmart  last year about this same time. 

It was about 5pm on a Friday night, and I was picking up things for dinner.  My mind was busy though with trying to think of a way to get people to donate things to me so that I could combine those things with 4oo Sandwiches.  ( A local homeless charity).  I didn't know how  I was going to ask my friends, co-workers, and family to donate to yet another of my "Save the World" concepts, when a young man late 20's came up to me and asked me if I had 5 bucks to spare.  

At the time, all I had was my debit card, and politely apologized and went in. Truthfully I had not given it another thought until in the store until I had seen him again with a young lady and a baby.  I heard him telling her that he hadn't even gotten the 5 bucks they needed to buy the 5 things in the basket.  I saw her reach into the basket and pull out a can of soup and crackers.  Leaving the diapers, bread and bowl in the basket.  (Why the bowl I do not know, and I didn't ask) 

 I realized for this couple it was 5 Bucks to finish paying for the  5 Things that they needed.    I went and got money out of the ATM and gave it to them.  They Thanked me of course and told me how they were living in the woods.  Though their story was nothing dramatic........  Just two kids who both tried college, and couldn't afford it, got pregnant, and moved back to Leesburg for a job that didn't work out, It broke my heart to think that just a few years ago these were the kids that went to school with my boys, and they were just trying to buy 5 things that they really needed.    I realized then that I almost always had 5 Bucks on me or 5 things I didn't really need.  I felt so BLESSED...... HENCE....5 Bucks 5 Things got it's name.


Most of the people here at this camp site are under the age of 30. They have banned together to live, sharing what they have, and trying to keep each other safe.  

Most of the people work and go to school that live at the camp site where your donations will be going.  They make just enough not to qualify for most government help, but not enough to afford to live or afford a home

 Please Help Me ...Help Them


 Please Help Me, Help Them.

I hope to collect items to take to the homeless teenagers and young adults that are homeless in the area.  Any money will be collected and spent on bulk items such as shampoo, toothpaste, socks, towels etc.  Any items donated will be handed out by size or need.  

There are so many that need help in our area.  These are just a few that we were blessed enough to meet during our mission last year .

Ways You Can Donate 

 Items They Need

Shampoo ......Soap.....Toothbrushes.....Clothes.....Socks.....sm. Pots and Pans.....warm gloves.....Work gloves.....Jackets.....Rain gear.....Coolers.....Tents.....flashlights.....Batteries.....Blankets.....etc           

  Anything else you could think that you would need out in the cold

 How To Donate Money 

If you would like to donate money, so that I may go and buy things that they need, please send it to :

 Keeler Hunt        316 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175

I do not have a Charity Tax number as of yet.  But I can send you a receipt and for some states can still take it off your taxes.  Please check tax laws in your area for maximum donation without a tax id.