Nice Things People Are Saying

9/07 From Nancy

  Wonderful Courtesy - Thank you for such a kind driver Bahta! 

6/12 From Patty

     Ambar is wonderful with my mom.  Extremely patient. 

4/12 From Judy

     Nadine and Josie are awsome!!  They have been so kind and lovine to our mom.  Thank you for sending us angels. They have given us a little of our life back including helping our marriage so we could have a date or two. 

 8/11 From Howell

          First, Diane was great!    She and my wife were a great team.  One of many activities was Ann teaching Diane water color painting.  My wife toughly enjoyed the 5 hours.  I believe Diane did also.

3/11     From Carol:     Thanx

3/11     From Betty:     How could I not pay you,  I have never felt more loved, paid or not paid for. 

3/11     From Jessie:     Diane was very gracious and helpful.  Thank you for sending her to me.  

2/11     From Laura and Mitch:   We would like to thank you for your excellent services and Sharon's wonderful care of Alice all these years.  We consider   ourselves very lucky to have found soch a great organization, and we will continue to recommend GraceFul Care to others. Sharon Was a perfect match for us, and we have really appreciated her kindness,  friendliness, honesty, dependability, and easy going nature.  Thank you again for all you do.  

 8/10     From Josh:  Your match mating sense couldn't have been more right on between my client and I.  What a fantastic match, I actually enjoy my job!"

8/10     From Genevieve:     I was very pleased with the excellent case provided by Kim.  What a wonderful person! 

5/10     From Rebecca:  Hi Keeler, just wanted to give you a quick Thank you for finding Chris for me.  I really appreciate it.  

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