I AM SO CONFUSED..........

How can you even trust a sign these days.  I have heard over and over on how I can't trust anything I see or hear, believe in or studied, and I really really can't trust anybody.  Not just a certain type of somebody but anybody

Unconditional Love does not equal Unconditional Trust, as those around me think I think. 
I have come across a few situations this week that brought that to light for me.

What makes us trust someone?  And when do you feel SAFE?

Well, the real answer is never. 
I don't trust anyone, but love everyone.
So it makes for an interesting understanding of my world.

I wait for everyone to hurt me, and know that every relationship that I let myself get into, is a bartering system.  A give and take until one side takes more than the other side is willing to give. 
Does this keep me out of relationships, absolutely not!

In fact, it makes me slightly selfish myself, as I know that I myself can walk away if I need to. Since I cannot trust that any human I know will have as much empathy as me, all I can hope is that guilt of hurting me and a fear of Karma catching up with them will keep them from doing so too badly.

Have I been cheated, stolen from, and lied to?  OF COURSE
All I can say is that I have loved more people, let more people into my home and into my world, and have had less people hurt me then the average person. 

And yes, I know that I am luckier than most.