The hug.  When I saw this picture of the people hugging as they came out of the horror they had experienced, I was just posting my prayer on facebook. I wonder about all the kids that I have had through my house who were so angry at their world and how many times I had to explain to them to "be loving".  We all felt the sadness when we heard of the news today.  Thoughts about our own families and we were glad that we weren't there.  But we are.  We are right in the middle of what is going on everyday. 

Everyday when you don't care.  Everyday when you go about your lives thinking that your life is worse than those around you.  How many times I wished I could just yell at the world and tell them to knock it off.  To care, to hug. To make everyone around them feel like they are loved and wanted. 

I wonder if James Holmes would have shot all those people if someone would have hugged him this morning.